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Quite good from animation poin of view..and was very, very ,very "gross"

good luck!

Your whole clip(movie) was based on some tween made walking cycle(s), though the anims and the menu was quite user friendly, but it would have been better if you would have written "play" instead of "proceed". The "proceed" button give a feeling that we are going to play a game, and that should not be in existence. Moreover your whole project was a "walking cycle". You could have made it some more interactive by adding some amount of humor. I suggest that you leave all your hopes with this project, because it is going be "blamed".
Instead, it seems that you are quite good at drawing stuff in flash, so if you create even a thirty second clip, with some action, humor, stupidity...the project will surely be a success.

Till then,
good luck!

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ExodusTerminator responds:

My walking cycle was made by frame to frame (not a tween), and yes i'm still troble with feet.
and the loader is already like that (you can see it on NG loader download).
and i'm very thankful for that hint.

Quite good pal.....
but it would have been geart if you would have been pre-specified that the veiwer have to click on
"smoke",It takes quite a time for the person to learn what to do...
If you don't want it to be blammed edit it and re-upload it and do somthing that the viewer click on
Rest of all...IT WAS AWESOME,
if you look at the animation part,quite clean
good luck for future

KingChubbles responds:

Ah now that I look at it it's a tad vague. I'll make sure to make a more user-friendly title screen in the future.

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4 stars for the programming and the idea you came up with. But it still needs more levels

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quite good stuff...but it would have been better if you would have explained the game in a better way

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3 Stars.."why, the music was so cool..
Actually the music didn't give me a feeling of war or kind of fight. Such music start with a monotonous kind of tone and than slowly hit the main part, and that main fills us with energy, desperation or i'd say rage. But you music continued in the same manner for the whole time.
The pain of the bots could not be felt in this music. It rather felt like a secret mission is going on or a scene in which one has to breach some building...like marine walking...
Search Steve Jablonski's music creation for transformers ( movie ) on you tube. He's got sweet music. Have a look for inspiration and ideas.

Good luck for future.

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DESHIEL responds:

sweet review :3

quite cool..little bit goes like a new verson of Mario is out,,,
good job

Ayrayen responds:

Thank you heh-


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